Bathroom Remodel


Is Your Tub Too Small, Damaged Or Just Outdated?

Are you tired of sharing a sink and just want more space of your own? Is it hard to see because the lighting is too dim?

Well, a bathroom remodel may be perfect for you!
Louisiana homeowners in Slidell, Covington, Mandeville, all across the Northshore and The Greater New Orleans area can count on Gulf Coast Contractors to give them the bathroom design they’ve always wanted.

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Similar to kitchens, bathroom remodels typically fall in one of three types; a bathroom refresh/makeover, a full replacement/renovation of all components, or a complete redesign/remodel of your whole bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel Services

  • Plumbing
  • Tubs
  • Showers
  • Vanities
  • Waterproofing
  • Closets
  • Flooring
  • Light Fixtures
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Finish Carpentry

Refresh, Renovate, or Redesign your Bathroom!

Bathroom Makeover

A bathroom makeover takes advantage of the good cabinetry that you already have. Typically a homeowner would choose this option if the current cabinets are in great shape, but you still want to change things up to fit your evolving style. As seen in the pictures below, the bathroom’s cabinets and overall layout can be retained. The countertops were replaced with granite and this customer upgraded from a single sink to a dual sink counter. Behind the scenes, plumbing modifications were made to ensure that both sinks can be used at the same time without any loss of water pressure. Many choose to repaint the cabinets and change out the hardware while others decide not to. With a makeover, the current tubs and showers are usually kept, but often appear new or updated by simply changing out the faucets and showerheads and other small touches such as recaulking the seams. Other options you may want consider adding are new light fixtures, or even upgrading your vent.

Bathroom Renovation

Another option is a renovation. This usually means replacing some or all of the current components, such as cabinets, tubs, showers, floors, and paint. This keeps the plumbing, electrical, and current layout of the bathroom basically the same. However, this option often induces major appearance changes to the size and style of the overall bathroom

Bathroom Redesign

Finally, it’s possible what you’re wanting is a complete redesign and remodel of the entire bathroom. A person might choose this option if they want to knock out a wall to create a bigger bathroom or add a walk in closet connected to the bathroom. Changing the floor plan can help you create your dream bathroom that you never had room for before.


Bathroom Showcase

Easy Financing Options

Financing is always available with rates starting in the low 5’s. These rates don’t include refinaincing your home. Pre-qualification is fast, easy, and doesn’t affect your credit score.

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